Our Process

The growth of Wealth Management Partners will be fueled from two sources. First, introductions to new clients will come from existing clients and other professionals as a natural business process. Second, Wealth Management Partners will actively seek advisors of a similar philosophy who wish to continue their growth and development and desire to establish a long-term business continuation/succession process for their practice. Given the comprehensive nature of the services provided and the varied backgrounds of associates and clients, so much can be gained from a synergistic approach to life. We have the rare opportunity to be a conduit by providing a proactive, synergistic environment. This environment will be the key draw to Wealth Management Partners for new clients and advisors.

The focus of services delivered will be based on the four stages of the wealth management process:

  • The initial stage is accumulation. Together with our clients, we set goals, develop strategies, and implement the tactics that lead to wealth building. A comprehensive financial plan sets the foundation for developing the financial habits that assist in the pursuit of financial success.

  • The second stage of wealth management is the preservation of assets. This stage requires strategies that provide a diversification of financial products. Asset allocation strategies utilizing model portfolio processes are implemented and monitored. Various risk management products and tax minimization techniques are key components of the asset preservation stage.

  • The third stage of wealth management involves utilization. This stage of wealth management is focused on targeting the stated financial goal. Using assets to pursue financial goals, whether a lump sum or an ongoing income stream, should be pre-planned in the most efficient and effective manners. Timing of specific assets utilized and tax strategies are implemented.

  • The ultimate stage of wealth management is transfer. Both philosophical and financial issues need to be addressed. To whom and how wealth should be transferred is equally as important as tax minimization and investment management techniques. A team approach with competent advisors best assures the most effective transfer of wealth.